Product Designer


Spiideo provides automated sports video recording solutions for teams, coaches and players. Their tool Spiideo Perform makes it easy to analyze video material from both training and matches and is used by youth and pro teams globally. I made UX and UI updates throughout the application and website in collaboration with Hint.



The interface gives the user a quick overview of the application. It collects data and clips specific to every user and presents it in a simple way. Since all the data points are clickable, the dashboard becomes an engaging gateway into the other parts of the application.

Updates in Spiideo Perform

Differentiate the features

Spiideo Perform is a tool with several features that all come down to collected video material from the Spiideo cameras. These features have been developed organically in the app, one by one, and needed a UX-refresh. First, we overlooked the naming to find consistency and make clear what functions they have. Then, we made changes in the design to make it easier for the user to navigate in the app and to differentiate the features from each other.

User interface updates

A refresh of the user interface was made throughout the application. Some were part of the effort to differentiate app features. We added a new top section in every feature with a big headline that shows where in the application the user is located. Another UI-update was made to the settings pages, where we adopted a different colour scheme.

settings man cut.png
Data explorer.png

Designing new features

Spiideo Perform is constantly growing new features into the repertoire. Our challenge was to come up with different design propositions for them. A new feature we created was Data Explorer, where users can dig into the collected data from the video material and discover new things about teams and players.


Translate features from IOS app

Some features existed in the IOS app but were not yet in the web application. We translated these features to the web application. Other features, on the other hand, was translated from the web to IOS.

Contact page football field.png

Updates to the website

News page

The news page was redesigned to be more user-friendly. Under the headline, we added a part that highlights the latest article, and we added filter buttons to make it easier and quicker to find articles.


Contact page

We overlooked the contact page and redesigned the contact form to be more user-friendly.


New icons were designed to complete the existing icon library.

News page.png

Filter buttons

To speed up the user flow on the news page, we created easily clickable buttons that filter the articles into different categories.