Designer, Innovator


This project was made in cooperation with Kim Missler

and Rikard Köhler at Berghs School of Communication. We created a business solution for the med-tech company Deversify. They have produced an instrument that measures the level of carbon monoxide in your breath, and thereby tells if you have smoked recently.


Create a tool that can help people stop smoking, and can keep them from smoking.


Starting with exploring the world of smoking and quit smoking, we gathered three insights.

Insight 1: It is hard to quit smoking. For every time I try and fail, my confidence in my ability to manage it by myself drops.

Insight 2: Experiences, emotions and knowledge that is closer and more relevant to me has a larger impact on my behaviour.

Insight 3: Smoking is in many cases a social behaviour. Quitting and resist the cravings is a lot harder to go through by myself. It's easy to feel lonely.

The brand

We created Huddle, the only quit-smoking solution that focuses on quitting together with other people. We figured: if smoking is social, why can't also quit smoking be?

How it works

When you sign up to Huddle, you start with an onboarding process. There you answer a lot of questions about yourself, building your personal profile. Then, you get matched with other people that also want to quit smoking. 
The app works as a facilitator, helping the team to get closer to each other. The closeness is essential for the process to work. If your team is strong, it is far more likely that you will succeed in quitting.


The group chat

The heart of the application is the group chat. There, the ai-coach helps to start discussions and comes with insights and facts.