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Student project


Designer, Innovator


Calibrate is a service for high school students that have little or no clue on what to work with in the future. The aim is to inspire them to explore professions that they don’t know much about. It will help them expand the knowledge they have about themselves, so they can better understand what they want to work with. Calibrate will take them on a journey into the future. 


Create a service that inspires young Swedes to find their dream professions.

Insights after research

1. In order to explore what professions fit me, I must start by exploring myself.


2. In order to secure a job in the future, I need to make the most of my good traits and continue educating myself to acquire further traits.


3. In order to get the future I want, I need to learn how to make decisions. If not, other people will make them for me.

The application
Calibrate is a web application that will help teenagers finding professions that fit their needs and desires.


The user starts with a personality test where the app asks you what type of things you like to do. This test is created by psychologists and specially made for finding a good fit in the jungle of different professions.


Browsing professions
After the test, the user will come to a feed with the professions that match best with the user results. Now, the app works like tinder. You just choose if you want to swipe left or right.

Control panel

The results from the personality test get stored in the Control panel, which is the heart of the application. There, the user can calibrate the controls afterwards.



The brand attitude is edgy and relaxed to appeal to generation z. It's stuffed with gifs that can speak for themselves, and the neon sharp colours shine through the black background to catch the users attention. 



The Calibrate motto is all about listening to yourself and to be picky with what you do with your life. That's why the campaign would communicate that you should not be lucky - you should be picky. Studies have shown that generation z are the pickiest generation when it comes to finding a job that they want, and Calibrate needs to speak to them.