UX/UI Designer

Boostified Pay

Boostified is a digital marketplace for brands and influencers. In their app, they wanted to add a new feature - Boostified Pay. This service makes it possible for their influencer users to pick up products straight from their local store. The user then pays with a post on their social media channel in exchange for a free product.

This project was made in collaboration with Hint.


Create a dynamic and alive experience that would get users to pick up products from stores connected to the Boostified network. It was also important to make the experience alive for users with fewer followers that get fewer product offers.

What we improved

Location dependent

The users get relevant offers to their city.

A dynamic start screen
One important update was to start promoting new campaigns on the landing screen, instead of dividing them up by store. This makes the start screen constantly loaded with new content and the result is a dynamic and alive app experience.


A sense of urgency
By using timers on the campaigns and suggest pick-up campaigns close to you, we are stimulating activity and raising conversion.

An alive feed for everyone
There are users that don't have any available campaigns in their feed. To still offer a dynamic experience, we still show campaigns and explain to the user what they need to do to become eligible.

Campain overview

The users are looking for suitable meals and products, rather than shops or restaurants. To get a good overview of all the product offers, we created this campaign overview. The user can browse by swiping both vertically and horizontally.